Terms & Conditions

Winnio Contract

For Independent Winnio Promoter
Version: Februar 2020


Bitboo EOOD, Kyustendil, Aleksandar Stamboliyski St. 58. Et. 3. Ap. 6, EIK 205391213, is the owner of the internet promotion of the cryptocurrency Trio Coin, Jolly Coin and other cryptocurrencies with the name Winnio. In its work, it is implementing a marketing program called Winnio.

Winnio Contract represents an integral part of the marketing program that allows individuals and corporate entities to promote virtual advertising imenovane kripto valute. By concluding this Contract with Bitboo EOOD, the participants gain the status of an independent Winnio Promoter.

Individuals or legal entities (hereinafter referred to as "Promoters") who join the Winnio Program are entering this program for free, with no responsibility to pay any expenses to the Bitboo EOOD.

Bitboo EOOD offers the possibility of promotion by receiving a certain incentive reward for successful promotion. The awards are determined by Winnio according to previous market research and may change depending on the research at any time of this contract. The following conditions govern the conduct of the promoter:

They can promote certain Winnio cryptocurrencies or businesses at their own responsibility, and also for any new promoter they offer this business is their personal responsibility. Otherwise, Bitboo EOOD will not accept any blame for their promotion of the business under this agreement and the error will be directed to the registered promoter.

When a Promoter acquires the right to promote a business under this agreement, and if he/she does not continue to purchase the right in the future, he/she loses the right to further cooperation and membership in Winnio. By re-purchasing the promotion right at Winnio, Bitboo EOOD gives the opportunity to regain its status as a Promoter.